the leader of Ukraine in the dairy market and oil and fat packaging
Plastic cups

Plastic cups from Interagropack™ are used for packing of various milk, sour-milk and fat-and-oil products

Containers made of polypropylene

Interagropack ™ offers a wide range of containers made of polypropylene

Lids made of polypropylene

Lids made of polypropylene from Interagropack ™ guarantee of quality with the wide range of decoration


Interagropack™ produces high-quality extrusion sheets from polypropylene and polystyrene

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Forum "Made in Ukraine"
On February 26, the director of Interagropaсk LLC Kukhar Oleksandr received an invitation and took advantage of the opportunity to visit the event with the patriotic name "Made in Ukraine".
Catalog "Exporters of the City of Kyiv 2023"
On November 16, in the premises of Vcentri Hub, the management of the Department of Industry and Entrepreneurship Development of the executive body of the Kyiv City Council presented an updated electronic version of the сatalog "Exporters of the City of Kyiv 2023".
Сonference “Dairy Industry” 2023
On October 12, the annual conference “Dairy Industry” was held in Kyiv, which over many years has become a traditional meeting place for dairy producers, retail specialists, distributors, technology and packaging suppliers. Oleksandr Kukhar, director of our company Interagropack, which actively…