Social responsibility

The company in its activities is guided not only by legislative norms, but also by the principles of corporate social responsibility.

Interagropack’s social responsibility is a successful management of the business in order to ensure a positive effect and benefit to society and the environment. In the decision-making process, we are guided not only by legislative norms, but also provide voluntary contributions to the development of the Ukrainian economy, take care of the environment and society as a whole.

We are responsible for the quality of our products, using high-quality raw materials from leading world manufacturers. Compliance with the rules of production and use of the latest technologies allows minimizing the impact on the environment.

Our principles of social responsibility:

  • Compliance with Ukrainian legislation;
  • Introduction of modern innovative technologies for solving environmental problems;
  • Implementation of projects aimed at developing the domestic economy;
  • Responsibility to the staff. Interagropack™ takes consistent voluntary measures to protect labor protection and personnel safety, as well as to protect the environment in the company's production and adjacent areas. Particular attention is paid to the development of personnel, motivation programs are in place, which are aimed at developing individual opportunities and improving the professionalism of each employee;
  • Transparent business conduct in accordance with the internal code of corporate ethics, which is embedded in all processes of the company;
  • Risk management is one of the main principles of the company's social responsibility, including the preservation of reputation in the Ukrainian and international markets, active counteraction to corruption and prevention of possible environmental disasters, the formation of a culture of ethical conduct in the company;
  • customers and partners criticism. The company does not leave unnoticed any complaints or critical remarks about the provided services or products, constantly improving their business processes and minimizing the possible risks in the implementation of innovations, as well as regularly requesting "feedback" from their partners and customers.