Interagropack™ is a high-tech, successful, rapidly developing enterprise

Interagropack™ began with the production of plastic packaging for the food industry, the main stage of which was the launch of a full production cycle:

  • Plastic cans: from the production of extrusion tape to printing on cans
  • Disposable cups

In a few years the production of Interagropack™ is actively exported to the CIS market, producing a wide range of plastic containers and providing a full production cycle - from making cups to decorating them.

Soon, thanks to the increase in the range of products and the introduction of a quality control system (ISO 9001), more than 80% of domestic enterprises of the fat-and-oil industry became customers of the company.

The launch of a full production cycle of label printing for plastic covers, cans and glasses, as well as the development of the production of shrink labels for the sleeve cups, have become the next stages for the company Interagropack™ to win customer loyalty in Ukraine and abroad

Over the past few years, Interagropack™ passed an audit in accordance with the FSSC 22000 standard (food safety), received a new certificate, and also modernized its printing equipment park and put into operation machines capable of printing full-color printing at a speed of 600 cups per minute!

Today Interagropack™ produces a wide range of thermoformed containers for various food products, processing two types of polymer raw materials: polypropylene and polystyrene. A high-quality polymeric raw material from leading manufacturers comply with sanitary and hygienic standards, has the necessary quality certificates and is approved for contact with food.

The company's equipment is equipped with quality control devices and computer-controlled processes; the productivity of machines reaches 50000 pcs / hour. Printing machines allow to apply up to eight colors to the product by offset method: on a plane (cover) up to 6 colors, on a cone up to 8 colors, and also on a rectangular can and round forms. To apply the image on the packaging, a laser cliche is used, which from the point of view of printing quality is an innovative option.

In 2017, the company Interagropack™, in the modernization of the fleet of equipment, acquired a machine with the ability to print using the "dry offset" method. To date, Interagropack™ is the only enterprise in Ukraine that possesses such equipment.

We offer our customers a wide range of plastic containers with various decorating options - offset printing, Sleeve-label, combined glasses of plastic and cardboard - DestoCup, as well as a wide range of decoration for lids.

Interagropack™ is the leader among domestic manufacturers of packaging for the dairy and fat-and-oil industry, embodying a creative approach to packaging - a special form, color and printing design can identify any product among hundreds of others. The company is constantly improving and developing new types of packaging for various products.

With packing from Interagropack™ your product will take a worthy place in the market of dairy and fat-and-oil products!

Interagropack™ – your reliable partner in packaging

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