Interagropak operates in the Ukrainian and CIS market of plastic packaging since 1998; its annual production capacity is over 200 million pieces of packaging; and its quality management system was implemented in 2001.

Interagropak produces:
- packaging for oil and fat dairy products (liquid margarine, light butter, mayonnaise, cottage cheese and curd, kefir, sour cream, yogurt),
- packaging for ice cream and desserts, fast food and child nutrition,
- polypropylene and polystyrene tape, disposable cups of different sizes.

Interagropak’s modern packaging solves several tasks simultaneously: protection products from external influences, promoting products’ preservation for a certain period, as well as being an important channel of communication between the producer and the consumer.

The Interagropak’s clients are more than 150 companies from Ukraine and abroad, among which are: Lactalis, Milk Alliance, Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods, Lasunka, Milkiland,  JLC, and others.

Interagropak produces a wide range of thermoformed packaging, processing of two types of polymeric materials: polypropylene and polystyrene from leading manufacturers of Hungary, Poland, Ukraine and Russia. High-quality polymeric materials are neutral physiologically, correspond to hygiene regulations, have the necessary quality certificates and approved allowance for food. The thermoforming equipment stock of the company counts a dozen high-performance machines, ILLIG and KIEFEL, manufactured in Germany, equipped with multiple technological molds, quality control tools and computer control of technological processes; the machines’ productivity reaches 30000 pieces per hour.

Why we:

  • Product quality is strictly controlled at all stages of production. Confirmed by certificates.
  • 8 colors offset printing on plastic, sleeve label and paper label
  • Deferred payment for delivered products up to 14 days
  • A wide range of materials and forms
  • Unlimited possibilities for the creation of individual containers and label design


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