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Summing up the DPPC 2018

Date: 29.10.2018
Summing up the DPPC 2018

“Dairy Processing and Packaging Conference 2018” this year gathered a record number of visitors - about 150, of which one third were representatives of Ukrainian and foreign milk processing plants.

The world's leading companies for the production and supply of ingredients and additives for dairy products, equipment manufacturers, analytical companies and packaging manufacturers presented their reports.

Already traditionally, the welcoming word and the opening of the conference was given to the general partner - the Inteagropak™ company.

A report was also presented on the topic: “The advantages of using packaging using the Sleeve and Desto Cup  from Interagropak™. Focusing on results and the opportunity to give more to our customers is the main message in the fight for the Ukrainian market”.

The report aroused great interest on the part of the guests, discussion of such issues as environmental friendliness and safety was especially lively.

Director of Interagropak™ Alexander Kukhar provided all the questions with qualified and comprehensive answers.

Between the sessions and during the coffee breaks there was also a lot of interesting things - informal communication between the participants and guests of the conference.

Looking forward to the next meeting!

Follow our news to always stay abreast of the latest developments in the dairy market!

Interagropak™ - your reliable partner in the field of packaging!

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