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Interagropack™ food safety is confirmed by the international certificate

Date: 09.08.2018


In the face of growing competition, consumers prefer high-quality and safe products. Control of all stages of production and the creation of  industrial hygiene based on the introduced food safety management system increase the trust in the products. This benefits the internal organization of production. Therefore, the requirements of the company Interagropack™ to the quality of products are continuously growing. For us, the awareness of customers about the safety of our plastic packaging is very important.

In 2018, we decided to change the certification body and confirm the quality of our products with the BUREAU VERITAS Certification FSSC 22000.

 The choice of this certification body was approved by the company not by chance. The requirements of consumers for the quality of products are constantly rising, which has led to the emergence of many standards. Therefore, the Food Safety Certification Foundation has combined the requirements of many standards and has prepared an innovative certification scheme for FSSC 22000.

The ISO 22000 standard contains requirements and recommendations for the implementation of HACCP based on the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. The organization using the principles of HACCP guarantees the safety of its products through the analysis of all stages of production, the regular detection, evaluation and control of hazardous factors and, as a consequence, the entry of safe, competitive products to the market.

The FSSC 22000 certificate offers many advantages:

- Ensuring effective management of internal processes;

- Guarantee of the release of stably safe products;

- Reputation of the manufacturer of a quality and safe food product;

- Growth consumer confidence in the products;

- Entering new and expanding existing markets;

- Additional advantages when participating in important tenders;

- Increase of competitiveness of enterprise's products.

Packaging from Interagropack™ is a high quality product, a wide range of materials and forms, as well as unlimited possibilities for creating individual designs.

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