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Interagropack™ started the second «in-line» production line

Date: 06.08.2018
Interagropack™ started the second «in-line» production line

 As part of the modernization of the company, Interagropack™ launched the second in-line thermoforming system for polystyrene cups manufacturing.

This system combines two processes - extrusion and molding. Thus, from the polymeric raw material we get the finished molded cups. It allows us to skip the process of sheets rolling and their transportation to the molding area.

This helps to save a significant part of production costs: time for products manufacturing, lower the electricity consumption, labor and logistics.

The implementation of such equipment significantly increased the productivity of manufacture, while improving the quality of products.

Now Interagropack™ customers have the opportunity to get the best market price for additional orders of polystyrene cups

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