The new 18-seat Marbach GMBH form had been implemented into INTERAGROPAK™ production
31 October 2017

In October 2017, INTERAGROPAK™ company launched an 18-seater 3-row mold from the German Marbach GMBH company, to produce a polypropylene beaker with a diameter of 95 mm.

International conference in the field of packaging materials Innovative Solutions for Flexible Packaging 2017 (ISFP 2017)
18 September 2017

Interagropack™ always strives for development in its activities. Of course, we can not miss an event like Innovative Solutions for Flexible Packaging 2017.

Заместитель директора ИНТЕРАГРОПАК™ о тенденциях развития рынка термоформованной упаковки в журнале «Молочная индустрия»
15 September 2017

Заместитель директора по развитию компании ИНТЕРАГРОПАК™, Дмитрий Мартыненко, дал интервью научно-практическому журналу «Молочная индустрия».

12 September 2017

14-15 сентября, в «Гольф-Центр» на Оболонской набережной, 20, состоится первый Украинский «MILKY FORUM», посвященный маркетингу и сбыту молочной продукции!

INTERAGROPACK™ congratulates you on the Independence Day of Ukraine!
22 August 2017

26 years ago one of the most important events in the history of our country took place - the Verkhovna Rada adopted the Declaration of Independence of Ukraine.

Polystyrene and polypropylene tape.
20 July 2017

In addition to the production of plastic containers for dairy products, the company Interagropack™ can perform: crushing, granulation of secondary raw materials (we have a license for the collection and processing of polymers).

5 Benefits of Sleeve Labels
17 July 2017

The benefits of shrink sleeve labels are numerous, but can be summed up easily: Increased Sales.

INTERAGROPACK ™ is actively  to expanding its export borders. The EAC certificate gives a new opportunities for us - now we are starting to deliver our products to Belarus!
14 July 2017

In common with partners, INTERAGROPAK™ achieved the EAS certificate for the supply of products to Belarus.

INTERAGROPACK™ congratulates partners and colleagues on the Day of Constitution of Ukraine!
28 June 2017

The Constitution of Philip Orlyk is the first constitution in the world that was adopted at a meeting of the Cossacks near the town of Tyagin town on the right Dniester riverside on April 5, 1710. It became the basis for the modern Constitution of Ukraine - a real occasion to be proud of its history!

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